Facilities, Entertainment & Draws

The Club offers a wide range of facilities to suit most tastes. Below is a list of the  pub games,  entertainment, members raffles & draws including other key facilities we provide for our members and guests.



The Club has an air-conditioned snooker room with three extremely well maintained tables. The Club has a team in the Rugby & District League . Any members and their guests can play any time during opening hours. The rates to play are very reasonable. Members must respect the rules of the club and the general behaviour & etiquette expected when using the Snooker Room. Strictly no food allowed in the room. Teams fixtures are found under ‘Fixtures & Results’.


The Club has a well-appointed dart board, set up on a stage and is well lit to meet the league standards. The Club currently has one team in the Daventry Darts League and one team in the Summer League.  Any members and their guests can play for free when the board is not being used for matches.  A second dart board is available in the upstairs games room for cup competitions as well as general use. Teams fixtures are found under ‘Fixtures & Results’.

Cheese Skittles

The Club have a Northamptonshire Cheese Skittles table, which has been renovated to league standard. It is situated in the Games room on the first floor. We have one team in the Pytchley Winter Skittles League and also run a team in the Daventry & District Summer League. Any members can play skittles during opening hours when the table is not being used for matches. Teams fixtures are found under ‘Fixtures & Results’.


Dominoes is a popular game in the Club and is played in the bar area on several days of the week. The Club has several sets of dominoes and beige boards.


Cards are also available and played occasionally in the Club.

Live Sports

Live sports including – football, rugby, cricket, motor racing and tennis as well as other national events are shown on a large TV in the bar providing All sports nust be shown either on national TV, Freeview or BT Sports stations. Three other TV’s are available in different areas of the Club and are all li nked to the large ‘Master’ Tv in the bar. The large TV in the Dining area is also a Smart TV.



Live Entertainment

Usually on the second and last Saturdays of most months you will find live entertainment in the Club from 9:00PM onwards. This takes place on the stage at the far end of the bar. As well as featuring a few popular local acts, the club engages a variety of different artists from far and wide to perform at the Club. The acts which may be solo artists, duos or groups cover a variety of music styles from 50’s to current day. There is a small dance area available for the more energetic members. Live entertainment can be viewed around the Club from a static camera positioned to view the whole stage. This means acts can be viewed on the strategically placed monitor TV’s all around the Club.

Disco and Karaoke style nights have occasionally been held at the Club and these ideas may be expanded on in the future.

Games Nights

Although performed less frequently these days, these are events put on by the Committee often with the help of some members. They usually mimic popular game shows like “Play Your Cards Right”, “Take Your Pick” and “Bullseye”. These productions provide great free entertainment and are great fun. The entertainment Group are always looking for new ideas of similar events. 

Race Nights

Video race nights are held every few months in the Club. These are put together by our very own ‘Honest John’ and :Portly Paul’. Videos of horse races and dog races are shown around the Club on the linked TV system. Tickets are bought before each race for your favourite horse or dog shown on the race card which are handed out before the races start. The odds are worked out and money prizes for the winners are paid out accordingly after each race. The evening generally finishes with an auction race. Great fun for all. 


A bingo night is held every Tuesday evening starting at 8 PM prompt. Tickets are on sale from 7:30 PM. After the initial book of five games the evening finishes with a flyer game at 9 PM. Prizes are for each line and house and a special ‘Snowball’ jackpot is paid out on the fourth game if you call house before a certain predetermined amount of numbers. This number increases incrementally each week until claimed. The more people attend the bingo night the bigger the cash prizes.


The Club holds a Sunday night general knowledge quiz on a set paper handed out to each team. Usually 50 or more questions, some rounds often themed and with occasional picture rounds.  It is £1 per person to enter the quiz. Teams have an hour to answer. The answers are read out at he end of the time allowed and the prize money given to the winning team. It has usually been the accepted norm these days for the winning team to donate their money to the Club Charity.

A grand quiz is also held around Christmas time where many teams sit around the Club and answer questions read out by the Quizmaster over the microphone. There are also other ad hoc quizzes such as regular Monday night music quiz.



Key Draw

Every Saturday evening at 10 PM a key draw takes place. The idea is for the holder of the winning ticket to “Open the Box” with one of up to thirteen keys picked from a bag. If you pick the correct key which opens the box you win the money which has accumulated in it. This can often amount to hundreds, even thousands of pounds. If you fail to open the box you get a £30 cash prize and that incorrect key is removed from the bag. two other smaller cash prizes are available on other ticket numbers from the weekly draw. 

Bottle Draw

A prize ‘Bottle Draw’ raffle takes place every Sunday morning at around 1 PM. Usually three prizes are available, a choice from bottles of spirits, wine and a box of chocolates.

Find The Joker

A playing cards draw where you if you find the Joker from a board of playing cards you claim the money in the pot. Tickets for this draw are only sold on Friday night and the draw takes place during the evening.